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10 Things About Laura:


  1. Laura was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.

  2. She is a 2015 BFA Acting graduate of Ithaca College.

  3. She currently lives in Chicago, IL.

  4. Laura has played the trumpet since the fourth grade.

  5. If she had a nickel for each time she played the trumpet and wore pointe shoes in a show, she would have 10 cents.

  6. The first play Laura ever did was Thornton Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth.

  7. As a 3 & 4-year-old, she danced at Abby Lee Miller's dance studio (as seen on "Dance Moms"). Laura's parents were pleased when she decided to focus on soccer instead...

  8. Laura loves learning new accents and dialects.

  9. Her favorite color (and middle name) is Violet. (Violet was her grandmother's name.)

  10. Laura's family is her rock.

Laura Brennan Headshot 3.jpg
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